Guild Rules

Guild rules copied and pasted from the in-game bbs:

“1)Show some respect
2)No Hacking, Scamming, or KSing
4)No spamming
5)This is the number one rule you must
follow. We are covert wolves amongst the
sheep. Wolves do not care about rules.
Rules are meaningless lies which our
“superiors” use to attempt to control us.
Show them boo sheep yo fangz! (ovvo)”

In reality, respect is something members should have to earn rather than have it given, treat this rule how you’d like to. In Wolves, there is absolutely no tolerance for Hacking, Scamming, or Kill Stealing (offensive kill stealing), these are the three worst things to have in a guild and they will quickly ruin the guild’s reputation (we wouldn’t want that). Begging and spamming are both just really annoying, you will be given a fair warning if you do this, and you will be expelled if this type of activity persists. The fifth rule isn’t really a real rule, of course you must follow the actual guild rules, but I made this rule to show the meaning of our guild name. Wolves are a unique animal, they are a FAMILY, they stick together as a pack of hunters and of course there is a leader of this family. Wolves are only vicious when they are provoked ie we do not attack other guilds or players unless they provoke us, still, most attempts of provoking us are worthy of being LOLed at. In nature, wolves do not have superiors. A leader is seen by the others as the strongest of the pack, he is not there to dominate all of the other wolves. Wolves are not domesticated, neither are we. AHHHHHHHHWWHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo! xD

Below is a typical pack of wolves, you can see the types of bonds they form and their individualistic personalities.


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